Jenny’s Story

Yes she can: how Jenny found the confidence to pursue a new life

Jenny was 13 when she met Lesley at The Good Life Farm for the first time.

Lesley remembers a self-conscious young girl low in confidence. Jenny could barely read and write, was painfully shy and concerned about her weight.

“She’d been hanging around with the wrong crowd, down the train station all the time,” says Lesley.

The nurturing Good Life environment transformed Jenny’s outlook - and her life.

When funding ran out, she accepted Lesley's invitation to do a mentoring program.

Jenny later completed a Cert 2 in Animal Studies, and then a Cert 3 in Horse Breeding. She also started doing community work.

Jenny attended The Good Life Farm for eight years until she was 21.

“She doesn’t come to the farm anymore,” adds Lesley. “But she’s started her life and has got her independence. She now has a partner and she’s off and running.”

Lesley stresses that turnarounds like Jenny’s take time.

“These aren’t quick fixes,” she says. “It takes a while to slowly get their confidence.”

Jenny worried that she was “stupid and fat”, and was dogged by low self-esteem.

“Once we built that up she got the courage to go and start doing the certificate and skilling herself up,” adds Lesley.

“Took a few shots to get her learners. Again she went back to old story - ‘I can’t’. And I told her there’s no such word as ‘can’t’ at the farm. You only fail when you stop trying.”