Our programs

The Good Life Farm offers programs that contribute to the health and wellbeing of young people. We provide positive educational experiences and mentoring in a friendly and supportive rural environment.

Our programs are delivered in an atmosphere conducive to healing and learning. They provide support for disengaged young people who gain confidence and self-respect. The skills they learn can also lead to employment.

Our holistic and therapeutic approach is founded on the principles of animal-assisted therapy (AAT). This approach allows young people to create bonds with the animals, and transfer these skills to their relationships with other people.

Importantly, those bonds are based on care, respect and love.

Our life skills and permaculture programs focus on interaction, care-giving and connection to not only the animals. They also focus on the environment, family and community.

We emphasise the healing power of good old-fashioned hard work.

All our programs can be tailored to suit individual needs.

For example, we conducted a successful program for young people on the autistic spectrum, focusing on appropriate behaviour and social skills.

Life and Social Skills Program

The Good Life Farm’s is a structured life and social skills program for young people aged 7 to 17.

It is a ten week program.

The program offers an in-depth learning experience that concentrates on personal development.

In a supportive and safe environment, program activities include:

  • cooking skills
  • building and construction
  • gardening
  • animal care
  • general farm maintenance
  • fishing
  • horse riding
  • bushwalking
  • social outings and connecting with the community
  • relaxation methods.